Welcome Prof. Benmoussat Abderrahim from CUTAM University of Tamanrasset, Algeria to be committee member!

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Prof. Benmoussat Abderrahim, CUTAM University of Tamanrasset, Algeria

Research Area:

Materials Sciences, Functional Materials, Metals Structure Behaviour and Environment

Research Experience:

Professor Dr Benmoussat Abderrahim was born on August 31th, 1953 at Tlemcen (Algeria). He is titular of many diplomas such as University enabling diploma from Tlemcen University (Algeria), 2008, doctorate diploma from USTO University of Sciences and technology Oran (Algeria), 2006. He is a teaching – researcher in materials sciences, functional materials, metals structure behaviour and environment. He supervise an equip of several researchers (PhD , magisters and masters). He supervised many theses (more of 110 theses) and several research projects (CNEPRU, PNR) since 1999 where he published several scientific papers on metallic materials behaviour, valorisation of the metallic solid residues in the industrial wastes. He is an author of several international scientific publications and attended several international conference trough the world which he was a member of the scientific committee. He is an expert in the CNEPRU research projects of MESRS Algerian educational and research ministry, a reviewer and member of a reading panel in several scientific reviews such as Algerian COST Journal, JMES journal of materials and environment sciences, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE), corrosion reviews Jurnal Teknologi of international Islamic university Malaysia, Journal of  Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research (ETASR).

He is a supervisor of many doctorate theses in Algeria and PhD in LTU university of Lulea (Sweden).  He was a member of evaluation group in many theses. He started his university activities at Tlemcen university, 1982  and USTO –MB university of sciences and technology and continue at CUTAM Tamanghasset university center (Algerian  South) since October 2014 where he is a member of the technology scientific group,  and responsible of LMD domain manager  of matter sciences for Master and Bachelor course and doctorate in materials sciences  .He is an academic member of Athens institute for education and research, belonging to the Engineering Research unit and the environment research unit, 2016.  Since March 2019 he is a Director of Research Laboratory on Materials and Energy. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal Science & Technology (JST).

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